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Modern Stairs
Simple Modern Staircase Design

Simple Modern Staircase Design

Simple Modern Staircase Design

Our clients were unsure of what design they wanted, after careful consideration of the overall house design, a Simple Modern Staircase Design was agreed upon.  We think the result was a success.

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Open Rise Curved String Stairs

This modern staircase has open rise oak treads, a curved string and freestanding glass balustrade.  The staircase and its modern features give an overall look of sophistication.  This house is modern and uncluttered, so the modern staircase fits perfectly into the minimalistic interior design.  Our business is designing stairs, we have years of experience and expertise which results in a staircase perfect for each client.

Free Standing Glass Balustrade

The Glass balustrade and balcony allow light to flow naturally into the bright rooms.

Curved String

simple modern staircase design

Carefully designed features create the overall look that our clients were looking for.

Oak Tread

If you would like to see some more of our Irish Stair Designs please look at our gallery.  Jea Stairs designing and building stairs throughout Ireland and the UK.


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Modern Modular Stairs

Modern Modular Stairs

JEA Stairs latest Design

JEA realises that our customers want cutting edge design, and this Modern Modular Stairs delivers.  A modular staircase can be cost effective, the staircase can be transported to your desination and be fitted by your own stair fitter/carpenter.

Modern Modular Stairs

Custom made stairs  is what JEA does best, our newest design ‘MODMOD’ is a modern staircase.  It has a steel frame and steel string, the bent wood treads looks stylish and  modern with the glass balustrade finishing the look.

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JEA Stairs offering custom stairs look at some of our modern stair designs

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Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs

Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs

A Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs completed in Dublin

At JEA we are passionate about staircase design, and we hope our latest Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs shows this.  If you would like to find out about our unique designs contact us for more details.

Cantilevered / Floating Stairs

These are our latest pictures of a modern cantilevered stairs recently completed by JEA for a customer in Dublin.

JEA Staircases add luxury and style to any home.   The design of this particular staircase is very successful because of the  in-depth consultation between ourselves, Client, Architect and Builder.  Consultation at the beginning stages of a project is the key to a successful outcome.

Each of our staircases are custom made, we finish each stairs in accordance to customer requirements.

Our stairs are designed and made in our workshop in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland, we can deliver and fit stairs all over Ireland and the UK

Look at our stair gallery for different designs, modern and traditional, floating, curved and lots of other modern and traditional stairs.  For some home interior ideas check out our profile on Houzz





Glass Stairs – Modern Staircase design

Glass Stairs – Modern Staircase design

Glass Stairs

Incorporating glass into a bespoke staircase is becoming very popular.  Cantilevered stairs finished with a glass balustrade give a very modern and light filled finish to your stair design.  Choose a straight or curved stairs and the effect is stunning.  Take a look at some options for a glass stairs, to help you decide upon your staircase design.  We have lots of staircase ideas.


Glass balustrade

Glass Treads

To add even more light and and stunning effect  consider glass treads to acheive the stunning Glass Stairs you require.

Cantilevered, Glass stairs open tread

Glass curved cantilevered stairs


Glass Risers

If you prefer not to have an open tread staircase but still would like light bursting through your bespoke stairs consider a Glass Riser and achieve the overall effect of space, light and exquisite design.

Floating modern glass stairs with glass riser

Glass Balconies

Add extra light to your staircase design with a glass balcony.

If you are interested in any of our staircase designs or would like to discuss your staircase ideas please contact us at:   https://www.stairsireland.ie/contact/


Modern Monostring Stairs

Modern Monostring Stairs

A monostring stairs designed by JEA, recently completed in the UK.

Monostring Stairs

A Monostring staircase fits well into a modern house.  This particular modern stairs has a glass balustrade with oak treads and was designed and fitted into a modern, new build home.

JEA stairs delivering and fitting to all parts of Ireland, including Dublin, Galway, Cork, Kildare and Belfast.  We provide a full service to all parts of the UK and Europe.

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For more inspiration, check out our stair types.

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Stairs by JEA – Custom Built Design Bespoke Stairs

Stairs by JEA – Custom Built Design Bespoke Stairs

Stairs by JEA – Custom Built Design Bespoke Stairs.

To achieve the best results in your new build or stair refurbishment contact us as soon as possible. This makes the whole design process go smoothly and gives you the bespoke quality staircase you require.  JEA stairs delivers and installs staircases custom built bespoke stairs all over Ireland the UK and Europe.

Some custom built Design bespoke stairs from 2016.


Contact us and we can help you decide upon a staircase that suits your individual taste and requirements helping you decide on a Modern  or Traditional staircase design.

If you are short on space we have some excellent under stair storage ideas.

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For more inspiration, check out our stair types.

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Modern Staircases

Modern Staircases

Choosing a staircase is a very important decision. Talk to our designer at JEA to help you get it right.

A Cut String Staircase, custom made by JEA, can have a dramatic impact on a hallway. This particular cut string stairs is part of our Aztech Range.

Cut String Stairs

Oak Cut string stairs

A Modern staircase in a modern house in  Co. Kilkenny.


Freestanding Glass Balustrade


Modern stairs in a modern house in Co. Kilkenny, Oak stairs, finished to match existing flooring in the house.

Email or call us to discuss your plans.

For more inspiration, check out our stair types.

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To collaborate on ideas with us check out our Houzz profile.

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Cantilevered Floating Tread Stairs with Free Standing Glass Balustrade

Cantilevered Floating Tread Stairs with Free Standing Glass Balustrade

 A cantilevered minimalist stair design  by JEA.

Cantilevered Floating Tread Stairs

This Cantilevered Floating Tread Stairs with free standing glass balustrade fits in superbly to this designer house.  The Clients and JEA had consultations on how they wanted their finished product to look and fit in with their home.   We think the end result fits in perfectly to their well designed family home.  These photos were supplied by our customer at the end of their home renovation project.

Floating Tread

Floating stairs provide the latest in minimalist design and are available in a variety of tread sections.

Glass Balustrade

The free standing glass balustrade gives a modern and minimalist finish to this JEA Bespoke stairs.

For more inspiration, check out our stair types.

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Staircase Design

The time you spend on the design of a staircase is never wasted. A critical aspect of staircase design often over looked is the interaction between stairs and the surrounding building structure. This aspect of  the staircase design saves time and aggravation when it comes to fitting. The Jea range of modular staircases are a good example of  the interaction between staircase and building fabric being addressed at all stages of the design, leading to an easy to fit staircase which is also beautiful aesthetically.

JEA will Design a Feature Staircase for you whether your preference is Traditional or Modern Stairs.  If you are looking for Floating Staircases, Cantilevered Stairs, Zig Zag Stairs, Cut String stairs and Spiral, we supply to anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Spacesaver stairs are an option when you have small areas to work in, and will achieve a stylish result.  If space is an issue look at under-stair storage.  Glass balustrades make areas brighter giving a sense of space.  Clever Design is always the answer.

Whatever type of stairs you require for your custom staircase, we can suggest styles and materials you might not have considered, from timber, glass, and steel.

Staircase design

Dark Oak floating Stairs with Glass Balustrade

Staircase design

Sweeping Hard Wood Cut String Stairs

Floating Hardwood Stairs in the UK and Ireland

Floating Hardwood Stairs in the UK and Ireland

Floating Hardwood Stairs

This Floating Hardwood Stairs uses stainless steel rigging for Balustrade.

Floating Hardwood Stairs have become very fashionable, due to the fact that they can look great in most homes of different design.  At JEA we design and manufacture staircases which we are sure will become a timeless classics in your home.  JEA Stairs aims for every client of ours to achieve the Feature staircase of their dreams.  Matching a Bespoke staircase with individual interiors can be a difficult decision, therefore JEA  are here to suggest designs and materials  you may not have considered, and at all times keeping your particular needs in mind.  We know that a  Feature Staircase is achievable in many settings and using all types of budgets.



cantilevered stairs in walnut and glass

Servicing Ireland and the UK

JEA Stairs offers design, manufacture and installation to all parts of Ireland, from Donegal to Cork and Kerry, Dublin to Galway Limerick and the midlands.

We also offer a complete service in the UK and Europe.






Stairs with Glass Panel and Balustrades offers a very modern/contemporary finish.