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Stair Installation in progress

Origami is our latest staircase design, installation in progress.

Pictures of finished stairs to follow.

Installation Pictures of Custom Floating Step Stairs

Quick update on the latest installation of our custom twig supported slim floating tread.

Photos of the completed job to follow:

Stone Step

For the ultimate in hard wearing classical beauty, stone is hard to beat. Pictured here with a textured anti-slip band for safety

Modern Mono String Staircase in Oak – Custom made by JEA Stairs

A Modern Mono string staircase in oak. Another example of a simple modern design classic from JEA. This Bespoke stairs has open tread and has a very modern sophisticated look.

This classic modern mono string staircase in oak will stand the test of time, because of its simple sophisticated simplicity. Look at our gallery for other types of stairs using different materials from glass to stainless steel.

The oak open tread lets light shine throughout this space, enhancing an already beautiful entrance hall. Rembering that a staircase is also as important as any peice of furniture in your home.

Please contact us for more information. If you have drawings/plans you can send them to us by email info@jea.ie with a brief discription of what type of stairs you like, along with any questions. You can also send photos of any of your ideas and we will be happy to respond with our design to compliment your requirements.

Check out our instagram for more ideas.

JEA specialise in modern staircases but we also have lots of traditional staircase style ideas. Early consultation is key to a successful outcome for your project.

Telephone us for an appointment if you would like to call out to our workshop.

Modern Open tread stairs – staircase pick of the week

Modern Open tread stairs – staircase pick of the week

A modern open tread stairs is our staircase pick of the week, completed by JEA stairs some time ago is still one of our favourite staircase designs. This staircase has a curved string with glass and stainless steel balustrade. Because this modern staircase has open treads it lets lot of light shine throughout the entrance hall.

If you are looking for a new staircase please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your staircase plans and designs.

If you like our pick of the week staircase – a modern open tread stairs, please call us with details of your project.

Because this has open tread and has a glass and stainless steel balustrade we think it gives a very polished and modern look.

We will be happy to design an equally fabulous stairs to your specific requirements. Email us with your plans and we will be happy to help you with design ideas. A staircase is as important as your funiture in your home.

Look at Stairs by JEA for more ideas on design. If a modern staircase isn’t for you we have plenty of traditional designs also.

For more ideas and pictures follow us on instagram

Mono String Modern Stairs with Curved Handrail

Mono String Modern Stairs with Curved Handrail

Mono String Modern Stairs with curved Handrail

A Mono String Modern Stairs with Curved Handrail recently completed for a customer in Dublin by JEA Stairs.

Mono String Modern Stairs giving an Industrial Chic Finish

This modern open tread staircase design has a chic industrial look. Many homeowners are looking for open plan living with a Loft / Warehouse style. This modern open tread staircase has acheived a balance of both industrial chic and modern design.

Open Tread Stairs

Open tread stairs lend themselves well to modern life. This example is particularly well suited to open plan living because the light can flood through therefore making it a bright space for the whole family to enjoy.

If you like this stairs have a look at our gallery. https://www.stairsireland.ie/gallery-jea-stairs/

If you have any questions please contact us we are very happy to discuss your vision for your new bespoke staircase.

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Simple Modern Staircase Design

Simple Modern Staircase Design

Simple Modern Staircase Design

Our clients were unsure of what design they wanted, after careful consideration of the overall house design, a Simple Modern Staircase Design was agreed upon.  We think the result was a success.

Please contact us for more information on stairs in Ireland and the UK

Open Rise Curved String Stairs

This modern staircase has open rise oak treads, a curved string and freestanding glass balustrade.  The staircase and its modern features give an overall look of sophistication.  This house is modern and uncluttered, so the modern staircase fits perfectly into the minimalistic interior design.  Our business is designing stairs, we have years of experience and expertise which results in a staircase perfect for each client.

Free Standing Glass Balustrade

The Glass balustrade and balcony allow light to flow naturally into the bright rooms.

Curved String

simple modern staircase design

Carefully designed features create the overall look that our clients were looking for.

Oak Tread

If you would like to see some more of our Irish Stair Designs please look at our gallery.  Jea Stairs designing and building stairs throughout Ireland and the UK.


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Modern Modular Stairs

Modern Modular Stairs

JEA Stairs latest Design

JEA realises that our customers want cutting edge design, and this Modern Modular Stairs delivers.  A modular staircase can be cost effective, the staircase can be transported to your desination and be fitted by your own stair fitter/carpenter.

Modern Modular Stairs

Custom made stairs  is what JEA does best, our newest design ‘MODMOD’ is a modern staircase.  It has a steel frame and steel string, the bent wood treads looks stylish and  modern with the glass balustrade finishing the look.

Call or email us for more information on all out staircase ideas.

JEA Stairs offering custom stairs look at some of our modern stair designs

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Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs

Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs

A Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs completed in Dublin

At JEA we are passionate about staircase design, and we hope our latest Bespoke Modern Cantilevered Stairs shows this.  If you would like to find out about our unique designs contact us for more details.

Cantilevered / Floating Stairs

These are our latest pictures of a modern cantilevered stairs recently completed by JEA for a customer in Dublin.

JEA Staircases add luxury and style to any home.   The design of this particular staircase is very successful because of the  in-depth consultation between ourselves, Client, Architect and Builder.  Consultation at the beginning stages of a project is the key to a successful outcome.

Each of our staircases are custom made, we finish each stairs in accordance to customer requirements.

Our stairs are designed and made in our workshop in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland, we can deliver and fit stairs all over Ireland and the UK

Look at our stair gallery for different designs, modern and traditional, floating, curved and lots of other modern and traditional stairs.  For some home interior ideas check out our profile on Houzz





Traditional Staircase

Traditional Staircase

JEA Stairs

A Traditional Staircase design for a customer in Dublin, dark stained oak with painted spindles and oak curved handrail.


Traditional Staircase

This staircase design will look fabulous in any home, look at another one of designs- a curved staircases .  If you prefer modern designs check out some of our other staircases

Call us on 01-257-3986 for your stair enquiry, or if you prefer email.  We can cater for many budgets with clever design.

JEA Stairs, designing stairs in Ireland and the UK.  Staircases in:  Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Cork and all of Ireland.

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